About Me

I am a mother of three who strives for balance. The balance between me and my family. The balance between  work and play.  The balance between wellness and sickness.  Three years ago I went through what felt like hell and back to find a better balance of health and wellness  for my children. I incorporated Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils into our lives. It has made all the difference in the world for both me and my family. 

Aside from balance, I also strive for control. Something that it seemed I lost early on when my life was being dictated by not just my own needs, but the needs of others. Three adorable and wonderful others to be exact. What I found most difficult about being a mom was that I had to learn how to do something for which there was no training and one of the most difficult things to deal with was illness. Kids get sick. They are supposed to in order to build their immune systems. What I didn't like was the inability to help on my own. Especially in the middle of the night. Years after my daughter was born, I learned about using YL essential oils and it really has made a difference. Not every oil I try works the first time, and sometimes I have surprise results (usually in a good way) that I was not expecting. I feel comfortable in the ability though to try on my own and in many cases save myself a trip to the doctor's.

And on that point let me be clear. Doctors are both useful and needed. I see my pediatrician for regular check ups and when there is an illness that seems like more than a cold. However, if I can reduce a low grade fever by using Balsam Fir or help a sore muscle by using diluted Pan Away, I've saved myself time and made my kids more comfortable. 

So in short, I don't just sell the Young Living Oils because it's a fun thing to do (which it is) but rather I like to help others and share my experiences. I like to help other mothers (and fathers) gain control and a feeling of confidence that they are doing whatever they can to help their families.

You can follow me on Twitter @A2ZMommy.