May 6, 2011

Spring Allergies

If you live where I do and had the very wet and rainy winter/spring that led to a slow but now almost exponential pollen count, then this has probably been a difficult couple of weeks. If it has not, it might be soon. For years I suffered from pollen issues and have seen it get progressively worse each year with my own kids. Last year I tried using Lavender oil for my own allergies. (I continued to use an over the counter medication for my kids as it was going to be too difficult to monitor them using Lavender themselves in school). After the first sneeze, I take a couple of drops (you don't need more than two) of Lavender and put them in the palm of my hand. Rub my hands together, cover my mouth and nose and start inhaling. I had heard this works and was skeptical for a long time. Much to my surprise (a pleasant one at that) it works! After the first sneeze, I do this and am good for a couple of hours. I've also started diffusing Lavender in the house to release this natural antihistimine into the air. After such a long winter I hate having to keep the windows closed, but that seems to help too. My daughter puts a couple of drops under her nose and keeps a small vial with her in school to help through the day. There isn't much that can be done for itchy eyes, but I figure I'll take what I can get for the rest of me and use eye drops when I need to. Another thing to keep in mind: Lavender oil alone may not do it for you. There are some people who need to take two allergy medications in a day. One in the morning and one at night. If it were me, I would try Lavender oil to help reduce the need to take two medications in a day.

This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose, or evaluate any medical condition or replace and professional medical information.

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