March 25, 2011

Spring Sports

Where I live, spring had sprung. And then it snowed. And today it's snowing again. Regardles, spring sports are getting underway. The newness of spring can be inspirational in many ways but if the body has spent the winter "at rest" it can take some adjusting to get everything back up and runnng smoothly again. It always did for me. Aside from sore muscles and shin splints, there is also the need to replenish the body from what it's lost. Here are some things to try to help ease the re-entry:
For sore muscles:
Rub PanAway into sore muscles to relieve the pain. The active ingredients in PanAway are stronger than the ones in Ben Gay and totally natural. Remember, the oil blend is hot so dilute with a pure vegetable oil and be sure to NOT touch any sensitive areas afterwards.
For shin splints:
Shin splints result from the continued punding of feet on a hard surface like a floor or running area. I was guaranteed to get them every spring during lacrosse practice, especially early in the season. There is very little that can be done for shin spilints, but I would suggest trying the following: Balsam Fir with Copaiba. Copaiba is highly anti-inflammatory and extreremly calming (it's also one of my favorite oils). I would also suggest BLM for bones, ligaments and muscles. I had been told in high school that shin splints were caused by the muscle separating from the bone. BLM will suppor healthy bone, ligament and muscle function.
Keep the body healthy: Aside from being sure to drink a lot of water, adding NingXia Red is a great way to repenish all those vitamins and minerals lost during working up a sweat. It has a low glycemic index so you don't have to worry about "sugaring up" your kids after a good healthy sports work out.

This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to treat, diagnose, or evaluate any medical condition or replace and professional medical information.

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Where I live, spring had sprung. And then it snowed. And today it's snowing again. Click here