August 10, 2010

Antibacterial Concerns

On CBS News last night (and repeated again at 6pm tonight) was a story about the dangers of the chemicals in antibacterial products. In short, the chemicals used in these common products can lead to both hormone and endocrine disruption. They also kill both the bad bacteria that make us sick as well as the good bacteria that can keep us healthy. If you haven't switched yet, now is the time to start using the Thieves household cleaner as well as the Thieves foaming hand soap. These products are safer for us and for our environment creating a synergistic environment killing both 99% of pathogens and building the immune system. Make the switch today!

**This information is for informational purposes and is not meant to treat or diagnose an illness.

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August 4, 2010

Choose to Diffuse

Whether it's summer and my house smells stale from the air conditioner and closed windows, or it's winter and my house smells like whatever I've cooked for dinner for the past three days, my goal is to get rid of those smells, unless of course I had just made brownies.
Until recently, I used candles to get rid of unwanted smells. The problem with scented candles, and other air freshener products, is that they are loaded with chemicals. Some of those chemicals are phthalates, commonly used fixatives and solvents. Phthalates are found in 12 of 14 air fresheners and are both endocrine and hormone disruptors. Not good for a small child's developing body or a teenagers developing body and hormone levels. Additionally the strong scents can irritate both children and adults with asthma.
If you have the choice, choose to diffuse. Diffusing essentials oils can eliminate bad odors and mold (Purification), help calm down excited children (Lavender), improve focus and concentration (Lemon and Peppermint), and aid in depression (Frankincense). For medicinal purposes, rather than emotional, I diffuse Thieves for 20 minutes, and this kills 99% of airborne bacteria--great during cold season or at that first sneeze. Diffusers can be purchased from one of several places depending on your budget. Abundant Health, Whole Foods, and Young Living all have great options and I highly recommend choosing to diffuse.

**This information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any health issues.