July 9, 2010

Doing Laundry

I do a lot of laundry. I joke about having 8,000 kids but I really only have 3. I didn't think the 3rd one would add all that much to my laundry responsibilities but I was wrong. Either way, I do laundry often. Really often. So, I tried an experiment. I had heard that the Thieves Household Cleaner worked well on laundry. While I wouldn't necessarily use Mr. Clean or Windex in my washing machine, I figured it might be worth trying a little cinnamon, rosemary, clove and lemon. I've learned a couple of things in this process:
1- My whites are whiter
2- My towels feel softer
3- I don't ever hear or feel that leftover soap bubbling after a load is done. This rinses cleaner.
4- Using 1 capful per medium sized load, I'm going to get about 50 loads from one 14oz. bottle. To be fair here though, I think there were times I should have used two capfuls.
5- I didn't find it great on stains, so on occasion (like after chocolate ice cream) I'd add a scoopful of Oxi-clean to the load.
6- My final note- the person in my house who notices laundry issues the most is my husband. Since he has  not made any comments or suggestions about clothes not seeming clean, I'm going to keep using this as my detergent. Since I can't really tell what's in Tide (the only ingredient listed is a general "surfactants") I feel better knowing what our clothes are being cleaned with and knowing that when all that soapy water leaves my washing machine and goes through the pipes and into the waterways it's better for the environment.

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