August 10, 2010

Antibacterial Concerns

On CBS News last night (and repeated again at 6pm tonight) was a story about the dangers of the chemicals in antibacterial products. In short, the chemicals used in these common products can lead to both hormone and endocrine disruption. They also kill both the bad bacteria that make us sick as well as the good bacteria that can keep us healthy. If you haven't switched yet, now is the time to start using the Thieves household cleaner as well as the Thieves foaming hand soap. These products are safer for us and for our environment creating a synergistic environment killing both 99% of pathogens and building the immune system. Make the switch today!

**This information is for informational purposes and is not meant to treat or diagnose an illness.

For more on What's At Stake with our health and environment, contact Connie McDanel at

August 4, 2010

Choose to Diffuse

Whether it's summer and my house smells stale from the air conditioner and closed windows, or it's winter and my house smells like whatever I've cooked for dinner for the past three days, my goal is to get rid of those smells, unless of course I had just made brownies.
Until recently, I used candles to get rid of unwanted smells. The problem with scented candles, and other air freshener products, is that they are loaded with chemicals. Some of those chemicals are phthalates, commonly used fixatives and solvents. Phthalates are found in 12 of 14 air fresheners and are both endocrine and hormone disruptors. Not good for a small child's developing body or a teenagers developing body and hormone levels. Additionally the strong scents can irritate both children and adults with asthma.
If you have the choice, choose to diffuse. Diffusing essentials oils can eliminate bad odors and mold (Purification), help calm down excited children (Lavender), improve focus and concentration (Lemon and Peppermint), and aid in depression (Frankincense). For medicinal purposes, rather than emotional, I diffuse Thieves for 20 minutes, and this kills 99% of airborne bacteria--great during cold season or at that first sneeze. Diffusers can be purchased from one of several places depending on your budget. Abundant Health, Whole Foods, and Young Living all have great options and I highly recommend choosing to diffuse.

**This information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to treat or diagnose any health issues.

July 13, 2010

Summer Hair and Skin

Summer is here and aside from what the chlorine does to my children's hair and skin, I  welcome the season with open arms. I love afternoons at the pool as much as anyone else who is happy to have a break from packing lunch and doing homework, but it doesn't take long before the dry patches start to show on my youngest and my daughter's hair to feel like straw.
There are a couple of remedies I use that I think are worth sharing.
For the skin- I make sure to always use the Lavender Bath and Shower Gel immediately after swimming. Then I liberally use a combination of moisturizer with Frankincense and Copaiba. Both oils are great for the skin and the combination really seems to help him. Keeps his skin soft and controls the dry patches.
For the hair- I have all the kids use the Lemon Sage Clarifying shampoo. It definitely cleans the hair (I use it regularly once a week to remove the build up of the hair products I use daily) without stripping or drying. I think we will need to add the conditioner for summer considering the almost daily visits to the pool.

July 11, 2010

Bird Mites

I had never heard of bird mites until about a week ago. Here is what happens. Birds build a nest. The eggs hatch and there are baby birds. The mites live off the baby and adult birds while they are in the nest, but then when everyone leaves, the mites need a place to go to find a host. They will look for humans next. Bird mites are difficult to find without a magnifying glass but can be found on furniture, carpets, and clothing. They like to hang out where humans hang out.
The good news is that they do not like orange, eucalyptus, peppermint, or lavender. The bites can itch and become inflamed.
There are a couple of things you can do to help with the inflammation and take a proactive approach to the prevention of more. I suggested to one person adding a few drops of RC to her shampoo. There are 3 different kinds of Eucalyptus in there along with Lavender and Peppermint. The inflammation was gone immediately. Next, she used Purification in the laundry to wash everything (also good for dust mites) and finally to help her body from the inside out, a drop of Peppermint in hot water for tea.

*this information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to treat or diagnose any disease.

July 9, 2010

Doing Laundry

I do a lot of laundry. I joke about having 8,000 kids but I really only have 3. I didn't think the 3rd one would add all that much to my laundry responsibilities but I was wrong. Either way, I do laundry often. Really often. So, I tried an experiment. I had heard that the Thieves Household Cleaner worked well on laundry. While I wouldn't necessarily use Mr. Clean or Windex in my washing machine, I figured it might be worth trying a little cinnamon, rosemary, clove and lemon. I've learned a couple of things in this process:
1- My whites are whiter
2- My towels feel softer
3- I don't ever hear or feel that leftover soap bubbling after a load is done. This rinses cleaner.
4- Using 1 capful per medium sized load, I'm going to get about 50 loads from one 14oz. bottle. To be fair here though, I think there were times I should have used two capfuls.
5- I didn't find it great on stains, so on occasion (like after chocolate ice cream) I'd add a scoopful of Oxi-clean to the load.
6- My final note- the person in my house who notices laundry issues the most is my husband. Since he has  not made any comments or suggestions about clothes not seeming clean, I'm going to keep using this as my detergent. Since I can't really tell what's in Tide (the only ingredient listed is a general "surfactants") I feel better knowing what our clothes are being cleaned with and knowing that when all that soapy water leaves my washing machine and goes through the pipes and into the waterways it's better for the environment.

June 14, 2010

Strange Allergies

I went to the dentist the other day and while I was due for my 6 month cleaning, it was still a bit of an experiment. I had to switch away from commercial toothpastes a few years ago. At some point in my late 20s, I started to develop this (hold on, it's pretty gross) film on the inside of my mouth after brushing my teeth. I first noticed it with Colgate toothpaste, and then Crest. It was gross. I switched to Tom's of Maine and the film problem was gone. Recently though I've been using the Dentarome toothpaste, but since it has no fluoride in it, I wasn't sure what kind of report I'd get back. Good news- my teeth were beautiful, shiny, and cavity free!
I reviewed my mouth history at my appointment and learned that the allergy is to Sodium Laurel Sulfate. So I looked it up and SLS is in many commercial products like soaps, lotions, shampoos and yes, toothpaste. It doesn't seem like a common allergy, but I know my sister has it too. We can't be the only two people with this condition. I was talking to someone today who is allergic to lidocaine and its derivatives. Clearly, anything is possible.
All of these thoughts led to a question. If I'm allergic to SLS, could it be that one of my children (and others) are also allergic to it, but it shows on the skin instead of in the mouth? Could this be the cause of Eczema when I know it's not caused by food? I don't know for sure, but at our next allergist appointment, I'm going to ask. In the meantime, the reasoning behind removing all commercial skincare use when one has a chronic condition like Eczema is making more sense. Who knows what will irritate our skin and beyond? What goes on our body goes in our body and we have to be careful about what that is. I can say that using the Lavender Bath and Shower gel has my son's sandpaper skin soft again. The Rosewood shampoo has helped his dry scalp (a problem that started as cradle cap as a baby and has never seemed to fully go away). I tried to see if SLS is an ingredient in laundry detergent but there are no specific ingredients listed on any of the 7 different kinds of detergents I looked up.
So, while I feel I now have more questions than answers I do feel like I'm following logic. The same logic that says if you only treat the symptoms of an ailment or condition and not the condition itself, you are only addressing half the situation. This was my approach to dealing with my son's asthma and has proven to work well for us. by strengthening his respiratory function rather than just having an inhaler do it for him, we are in a good place. No inhaler and no need to see the pulmonologist for another year. What a blessing and what a lesson.

**This information is for educational purposes and is in no way intended to treat or diagnose any condition. As usual, this is just what worked for us.

June 12, 2010

Some Funky Bumps

So there were these funky bumps on my son's elbows. I truly figured that once he outgrew his eczema, my skin concerns for my son were over. As it turns out, we just had a bit of a hiatus. Always one to go for the "glass half full" approach, I saw an opportunity. A few years ago, I would have rushed off to the dermatologist to find out what was on the elbows. This time, I didn't do that. I took out the Tea Tree oil (what YL calls Melaleuca Alternifolia) and applied it directly to the the bumps on the elbows (which looked like a cross between molluscum and a wart.)  Within days, the bumps were cleared up. There was no blistering, no discomfort, no pain, nothing. When I checked the elbows after a couple of days they were all clear!
I have a friend who tried Tea Tree for molluscum on two of her children. It worked for one, not the other. So, just another example of how different oils work for different people for different conditions. For us, this one worked and worked quite well!

* These statements are not approved by the FDA and are not meant to treat or cure any disease.

May 14, 2010

More on Frankincense and Cancer

I had learned early on that Frankincense is anti-tumoral. As I quoted originally from the BBC, researchers know that Frankincense works, it's just been a matter of isolating exactly which molecules are doing what. To give a quick recap from the first post, here is the condensed version:  
Recent research by scientists showing that Omali frankincense contains an agent that halts the spread of cancer may reignite its popularity. According to immunologist Mahmoud Suhail, Frankincense resets the DNA code that has been corrupted by cancer cells and reprograms the correct code back into the cell.  Frankincense also effectively separates the nuclei of cancer cells from their cytoplasm bodies which stops cancer cells from reproducing themselves and the corrupted DNA codes. Because frankincense attacks only malignant cells while leaving healthy cells alone, it could revolutionize cancer treatment protocols.   

A little more background- Orange oil has also been shown to successfully regress cancer. One needs about 10ml per day (about 12 capsules worth) to see it work. The agent in orange oil (and as it turns out lemon, grapefruit and frankincense) that does much of the work is limonene.  Frankincense is about 12% limonene and the citrus oils are about 90%-95%. 
At the end of my first post, I wrote that I was concerned about the syntheticization of frankincense or the molecules that make it work the way it does.  What I have learned, and shared below, is that syntheticization is no replacement for the full real molecule.
Here is how syntheticization works: Scientists often look to nature for healing effects in plants. They isolate the molecule that seems to be producing a certain effect. Next they synthetically create a similar molecule which becomes a drug, and which they can get a patent on. (You cannot get a patent on natural plant molecules.)
Unfortunately, when a molecule is isolated from the plant, it becomes  somewhat toxic to us. When it is synthesized (created in a lab synthetically),in order to create pharmaceutical drugs for the
specific result, it becomes even more toxic and often comes with a legal sized sheet of side effects.(You can ask your pharmacist for the insert, which lists side effects, for any drugs you are taking.)
So it is much more preferable to use the whole plant, or the whole essential oil of the plant, rather than an isolated molecule.

So, I will stick to my therapeutic grade YL oils and work with them directly. I take Longevity (which contains both frankincense and orange oils) every day and aside from the energy boost I get and the cell rebuilding happening daily,  I believe I'm doing what I can to counteract the effects of the pollutants I face every day. The things that can damage my good cells and leave room for really bad cells to surface. Therapeutic grade essential oils(as opposed to industrial grade oils or synthetically produced fragrances) contain a balanced and complete molecular profile. That's why we get such amazing results.

As per frankincense and cancer- the research continues and is, in my opinion, worth following.

**Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person. Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.  We commend you! 

May 10, 2010

How many chemicals are in your home????

Air Fresheners are used in nearly 75% of U.S. households and the market has doubled since 2003 to $1.72 billion. The Natural Resources Defense Council evaluated 14 air fresheners. Twelve of them contained variable amounts of phthalates. Phthalates are connected with hormone imbalance, ADHD, cancer, etc.
By educating consumers to replace these toxic air fresheners with THIEVES, we could positively affect human health and the environment!

Share the phenomenal benefits of Thieves with others (or try it yourself for the first time). Working together we can take better care of our environment! I use every one of the products included and have seen so many benefits beyond just greening my home.

Thieves Pack: Includes Household Cleaner, Foaming Hand Soap, Hand Sanitizer, Thieves Spray, Mouthwash, Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste and
Thieves Essential Oil Blend

Click here to sign up today!

**These statements are not approved by the FDA

May 9, 2010

Young Living Green Initiative!


We have begun a "Green Iniatiative" for the health, safety and welfare of children in our care. This was due to a growing awareness of effects of chemicals on children in our cleaners, personal care products and over the counter medications. We did our homework, and it makes sense to look seriously at REDUCING chemicals in our schools and homes. Once we realized the impact we could have on the health of our staff and children the choice was clear.

Is there a concern for children?
Current statistics show there is a concern.
·Autism is rising fast
·Rheumatiod arthritus is the third most common chronic childhood disorder
·Obesity epidemic in children
·Brain tumors, leukemia, central nervous system malignancies are up 30%
·Childhood cancers are the leading cause of death by disease for children which has increased 21% between 1975 and 1998.

Education is key. We can take back control of the chemicals that we and our children are exposed to. A set of preschools and a high school biology classroom will be sharing what they are using-- a plant based cleaner called THIEVES. It is made of Cinnamon, Rosemary, Clove and Eucalyptus essential oils. It is safe, effective and kills germs..all without chemicals.
Diedre Imus' Book recommends Thieves cleaner in her book called: Green This!

*don't let marketing fool you, just because it says green on the label doesn't mean that is is.

We would like to invite you to a Webinar Monday, May 10th at 9pm EST. This Webinar will be hosted by Connie McDanel, an educator, who has spoken nationally on the subject of wellness. Her distinguished guest speakers incude:

Robert Fuller, PhD. Director of the Center for Earth and Enviromental Science at the State University of New York.
Katherine Fuller, M.S. AP Biology teacher in New York State.

The Webinar will be hosted to people all over the US.
Date: Monday, May 10th, 2010 9PM EST

Many thanks to Kathy Kouwe for permission to reprint this piece.

May 8, 2010

Is There A Pill For That?- Life 5

This post gets a little more personal than I usually get here, but the results are worth sharing. I've been usiing YL essential oils for over 2 years. Recently I've been experimenting with supplements. I've stated before that I'm not much of a "vitamin girl" but after continuous health related research last summer for a project I was working on, and more education about the body and how it works, I've decided to be more proactive with supplements. I've written about Longevity and how much I love it. Aside from the energy I feel at 3pm I've been receiving compliments on my skin. I suppose a little cell regeneration on the face never hurt anyone!
Last month while at a YL training, I learned about the gut (intestines, stomach, liver,colon) and what stress does to it. Simply put, anything and everything you ingest or feel is circulated through the digestive system. To think past food, think of how a difficult situation or nerves can affect your stomach- nausea, lack of appetite, binge eating. All of that, whether food or emotion, gets cycled through the digestive system and then to the rest of the body. So, it makes sense to protect and build the gut from the inside out. I don't have what I would call "stomach issues" but I bought some Life5 to try anyway.
I really wasn't sure of what to expect or why I was trying it. So I took it at night for 3 or 5 days. I didn't think I felt any different and considered just holding on to it in case I needed it later. So I skipped a night. The next morning, I realized that I was actually gassy. More so than I had been in recent mornings but when I thought back it was not more than usual. So I went back to taking a Life5 each night. And, while I can't predict individual results and I didn't think I had an issue, my gut has improved.  I'll add  this too. Many store bought probiotics are milk based. These can upset someone's stomach. The Life 5 did not have that effect on a friend who also tried it. So, even if you have not had great experiences previously, I'd recommend trying this. I was so pleasantly surprised, and I'm sure the people around me were too.....

**Information provided here is for EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY and is in NO WAY intended to replace proper medical advice.  IT IS NOT for diagnostic or prescriptive use or to be construed as instruction on how to cure or treat any condition, illness or disease. Every individual is different, thus what may work for one may not work for another person. Consult with the professional health authorities of your choice. Remember, taking responsibility for your health is your own personal decision: do your research and choose wisely.  We commend you! 

April 30, 2010

Summer Feet

We had a few warm days earlier this month so I broke out my summer shoes. What a great moment- I get so tired of boots and winter shoes by march. My feet, howver, were not quite as ready as I was. Someday, I will have more time for pedicures, but these days, I'm not quite there yet. However, I found some good combinations of oils and something I can do every day to take care of it on my own.
First- I use the Sea Salt Body Scrub on my feet (and elbows) daily. It makes it easier to maintain rough heels and I do love the smell.
Second- I combine Elemi and Joy oils with a moisturizer (I like Aveeno) and that addresses the cracks in heels really well.  Both of these blends and combinations can easily be recreated by anyone, so I encourage you take control of your feet and try it!

*These statements are not approved by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose or treat any illness or disease.

April 25, 2010

A Surprise With Lavender

I've been experimenting again. This time though, on myself. Allergy season arrived at the usual time this year- early April. I had heard of several people using Lavender oil to combat seasonal allergies. I have to be honest here and say I didn't believe it. I've suffered for almost 20 years and remember times where my eyes were so puffy I was stuck on the couch in pain with a cold washcloth over them unable to do much of anything else. Days when co-workers thought I was high because of red eyes. And finally, pneumonia or bronchitis from all that mucous dripping into my chest.
All of that said, here is what I have been doing:
At the first sneeze, I put about 2 drops of Lavender into the palm of my hands, rub together, and then cover my nose and mouth with my hands and inhale deeply. I inhale probably about 4 times or until the Lavender smell seems to be subsiding.
The result: I go for a couple of hours without sneezing! I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. After so many years of suffering and using products like Claritin and Zyrtec, I really didn't think there was another option. The only thing  the Lavender doesn't seem to control is the itchy eyes. So, on occasion I am using eye drops.
If you feel like experimenting- this is a good one. It takes more focus than popping a pill once a day, but for the 6-8 weeks of my life I'm doing this, it's not so bad. Given the choice, why not use Lavender? I don't suspect we'll hear on the news in 10 years that there is a long term use side effect of Lavender, when that seems to happen so often with so many synthetic drugs.

*This information is not supported by the FDA and is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. They are based on my experiences only.

March 31, 2010

Greening Your Greens

About two months ago I watched the movie Food Inc. If you were ever concerned about or wondering where our food comes from, this movie will tell you. When it's done, you may feel motivated to do a little re-thinking about what you eat and where it comes from.
The good news is that re-thinking doesn't have to be drastic. Forever in search of "balance" in my life, there is certainly no need for extremes here. However, there are some changes/adjustments that can be helpful for everyone. Unable to go vegetarian, we've made the move to accept paying a premium at Whole Foods to know from what farm our meat hails. In his effort to help, my husband sent me this link for details on where to go organic and where to stay conventional. There is a general rule of thumb I've followed which is this- when it comes to fruits and vegetables, if there is a peelable skin conventional is fine. If you are going to eat the skin- go organic. 
Additionally, here's a tip for making those fruits and vegetables we buy cleaner and last longer:
Add 3-4 drops of Lemon oil to a sink full of water and wash your greens. They will be cleaned and last longer.  So go for balance in your life and add a little citrus!

* this information is for educational purposes only.

March 27, 2010

How Essential Oils Work

Aromatherapy is the application of essential oils to promote the health and wellbeing of an individual.  Essential oils have very specific aromas which have been used since the times of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.  Essential oils have numerous important qualities - they can be soothing, relaxing, stimulating, healing - all pure essential oils impart oxygen and many are antibiotic, anti-viral, antiseptic, anti-fungal and much more!

Essential oils can enter the body through the air via the nose and bronchial passages (inhalation) or can be absorbed through the skin directly into the bloodstream using massage (absorption).

Aromatherapy makes use of both inhalation and absorption.  The power of smell is a very powerful trigger to the human nervous system.  Some aromas, such as newly cut grass, baking bread, the air after a rainstorm - have evocative smells so powerful that simply reading the word can remind us of the aroma.  An aroma usually has an immediate effect, which is why smelling salts can instantly revive someone.  The nose contains tiny hair-like extensions of the brain which detect scent.  The brain very rapidly interprets aromas that are inhaled. 

We can use essential oils to treat a surprising number of ailments.  Although serious conditions should always be treated by a qualified practitioner or by a physician, many common ailments can be relieved safely and effectively at home with aromatherapy.  You may, in fact, soon come to regard essential oils as a vital part of your home first aid kit.

For self help, essential oils are most commonly used to relieve aches and pains, for relaxation and stress reductions, and for skin and hair care, but they also have much wider possibilities.

Many essential oils have constituents which allow them to be used as first aid and as an ongoing treatment for cuts, burns, insect bites and bruises.  Other oils are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and antiseptic.  Some can be used as an aid in the overall management of more serious conditions such as candida, arthritis and rheumatism.

Essential oils are lipid soluble and can immediately penetrate the cell wall to bring in oxygen and nutrients.  Jean Claude LaPraz' studies showed that the application of essential oils to the skin raised the availability of oxygen to the cell by up to 21%.

In addition, since the oils work through the brain to act on the emotions, they are very useful too, not only for stress relief, but for anxiety, overwork, stage fright, etc.  Emotional trauma is held in the amygdala gland in the brain, and it has been proven that the only way to access that area is through the sense of smell.  Therefore, many different kinds of emotional blocks can be removed using essential oils - allowing people to move forward and succeed in whatever they want to do.

Young Living's essential oils are wonderful. 
They take the chaos out of life!

March 20, 2010

Bikes, Baseball and Bugs

It's that time of year again- spring! There isn't much in life that makes me happier than seeing my flowers come up in the spring. The Crocuses and Dwarf Iris are out- tulips and daffodils won't be far behind.
What this also means is it's time to ride bikes to school again and for some kids, baseball season is about to kick off.
Along with these great things, also comes the more popular season for lice. As I've said before, the last two things I want to do are pick lice out of my 2 year old's hair (I think we'd both have to be sedated) or pay someone to pick lice out of my hair.
So- if you have Purification- start using it. Put a couple of drops in your kids shampoo bottle and mix or put about 10 drops Purification and 10 drops of Peppermint in a 3 oz bottle filled with water and start spraying.
If sore muscles arrive as a result of getting back into the "swing" of things, I like to use Deep Relief for kids or a 1:1 diluted Peppermint or PanAway.

Happpy Spring!

*this information is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. It is for educational (and helpful) reasons only.

March 13, 2010

Inspiring Spring Cleaning

Did you know?
Many common commercial household cleaners contain chemicals that aggravate allergies, asthma and other health ailments.Not to mention a bunch of ingredients I cannot pronounce!

GO GREEN...Use Young Living for a healthy and happy home environment.

Warmer weather is almost here! My flowers are coming up and I'm sure we'll all be sneezing soon enough!  It's time for me to clean out all the indoor allergens and dust that accumulated during the winter months. I can't say this is my favorite job, but there is a feeling of satisfaction when the winter air is cleaned out and windows are opened. Here are some tips that will help you create a clean, healthy house ready for a beautiful spring:

1. Gather your essential cleaning supplies: empty spray bottles, Thieves® Household Cleaner, Purification® essential oil blend, your favorite citrus oils, empty garbage bags, and a few rags.
2. Select your favorite air-purifying essential oil and diffuse it throughout your home while you are cleaning. Springtime favorites include the crisp aromas of lemongrass, orange, and Citrus Fresh™.
3. Launder all your bedding, towels, and curtains and add a capful, or about one teaspoon, of Thieves® Cleaner to each load for added freshness.
4. Thieves® cleaner, either diluted in a spray bottle or a pail, is excellent on most surfaces, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. For areas that need additional power, add four or five drops of Purification in a spray bottle and spray directly on the problem areas.
5. Finish your spring cleaning by vacuuming and dusting and opening windows.

It seems simple enough but will probably take me the better part of a weekend or several mornings while kids are in school. it will be all be worth it- I've seen a couple of cobwebs creeping around and I know my curtains are due for the washing machine!

*The information here is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. It's for informational purposes only.

March 2, 2010

Is There A Pill For That?- Longevity

I'm not what I'd call a vitamin girl. My mother always had the theory that if you ate the right foods, you didn't need them. I suppose I've taken on that perspective- along with a few other things from my mother....
However, as I watch my parents age and as I've done more research on the long term damage our environment can have on our bodies, I'm thinking that a little help from nature's living energy might just strike the balance for which I strive. So I did some research on nutritional supplements to try to find the right one for me. I was torn between Immupro and Longevity. With three kids I need all the immune support I can get, but I also know what I've done to my body in the past 39 years. I decided on Longevity. Frankincense, Orange, Thyme, and Clove oils have individual strengths and purposes but being able to take them all together in a daily vitamin is the perfect match for my life.
Frankincense-to support cell regeneration and healthy immune function
Orange- to support normal cell growth
Thyme- to protect DHA levels for brain health (I need all the help here I can get)
Clove- nature's strongest antioxidant
With this combination of oils, I figured I'd get immune support as well as cell support from the inside out. I wasn't sure of what to expect once I started taking it, but I can say this:
I've had no strange side effects.
I have more energy throughout the day on a constant level than I had before.
It's easy on my stomach- no issues.

So, while I don't expect to live forever, I am thinking I can support my body better for the next 39 years. Our next adventure will be with supplements to address cholesterol. Stay tuned.....

*This information is not approved by the FDA. It is not meant to treat or diagnose a disease or health condition.

February 27, 2010

March 2010 Promotions

These are such great promotions for March
I had to post them here!
Stress Away and Pan Away are two
of my favorite oil blends!

Stress Away & Joy Promo

Winter is coming to an end, and spring is just around the corner! Get ready with two of Young Living's most uplifting products!

From March 1 to 31, 2010, when you place an order of 175 PV you'll receive a Stress Away roll-on and a 15 ml Joy essential oil blend absolutely free. That's a retail value of $79.27.

Stress Away Roll-On is a unique blend of vanilla, lime, copaiba, and other pure essential oils that relieves daily stress, encourages relaxation, and reduces nervous tension. Joy is an uplifting blend of pure essential oils that creates magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart.

Don't miss this chance to put a "spring" in your step—even before all the snow melts from the ground!


  • Offer valid 12:00 a.m. MT March 1, 2010 to 11:59 p.m. MT March 31, 2010.
  • Limit one free stress away roll-on and one free 15 ml bottle of Joy essential oil blend per order.
  • Offer valid on all orders of 175 PV or more. No limit on qualifying orders.
  • Offer available to Young Living independent distributors, preferred customers, and retail customers.
  • Valid on phone, Essential Rewards, and web orders only.
  • Offer does not apply to Essential Reward point redemption orders.
  • PV not earned for free product.
  • Customer responsible for shipping costs associated with free product.
  • Offer valid in the US and all NFR markets, except where restrictions prevent promotional product(s) from entering your country.
10% Off PanAway Promo

Get 10% off all 5ml PanAway® essential oil blend purchases March 1–31, 2010. sku 3391

PanAway® is a soothing essential oil blend containing eugenol, a constituent used historically to numb gums.** Also containing wintergreen and clove, PanAway® aids the body's natural response to irritation and injury.*

PanAway is an ideal companion to Ortho Ease® Massage Oil, copaiba essential oil, and Relieve It™ essential oil blend.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent and disease.

** Modern scientific research has not yet validated these historical claims.


  • Offer valid 12:00 a.m. MT March 1, 2010 to 11:59 p.m. MT March 31, 2010.
  • No limit per customer.
  • Offer available to Young Living independent distributors, preferred customers, and retail customers.
  • Valid on phone, Essential Rewards, and web orders only.
  • Offer does not apply to Essential Reward point redemption orders.
  • Offer valid in the US and all NFR markets, except where restrictions prevent promotional product(s) from entering your country.

February 26, 2010

All My Gray Hair

My first gray hair was found when I was 21. I didn't even find it myself, my lifelong hairdresser did. Then, to make matters even worse, I was recently informed during my last haircut that EVERY SINGLE HAIR COMING INTO MY HEAD IS GRAY. I suppose that's better than losing my hair, but still. However- short of turning back time, there is not a whole lot I can do. I color it on my own and have tried no less than a dozen products to try to moisturize and manage my color and texture-changing locks. I've spent a lot of money and hadn't used anything worth sharing until last week.
I chose to make the investment in Rosewood Moisturizing Shampoo. For the first time in many years I am happy with my hair! What a difference. It feels soft, the curls hold better, it's not frizzy and I actually feel good about it again. The bottle is not inexpensive but I only need a small amount (less than a quarter-sized circle) and I expect it to last a long time. It will be totally worth the continued investment.
Here's an added bonus- I can actually pronounce the ingredients on the bottle and I know the essential oils in there are therapeutic grade and do more than just make it smell good.

*Remember, each person is different and while I cannot promise the same results for everyone, I would absolutely recommend this product. None of this is approved by the FDA- just in case you were wondering. :)

February 24, 2010

I Love Thieves!

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Thieves. I love everything about it from the story behind the name to what it tastes like to how well it works. It is the one oil I think every household should have.
What I didn't realize was how much I actually use Thieves or in how many ways- until I was talking to a friend about it. Here goes-
I've traded in my Mrs. Meyers household cleaner for the Thieves household cleaner. (It smells great and I only need a capful with a bucket of water. The formula was even recently improved)
I've moved from Method soap to Thieves foaming hand soap. (It doesn't dry out my hands and my kids actually want to wash their hands)
I started using the mouthwash and immediately noticed fresher breath in the morning and less tartar build up on my teeth. It's also great for swollen gums. I'll have to try the toothpaste next.
I use the hand sanitizer daily- I little goes a long way, it smells great and it doesn't dry out my hands.
The Thieves spray comes in especially handy when I get the phone call that a child who was recently been over for a play date is sick. I go right into the playroom and spray all the toys!
I've tried the Thieves dental floss- it was too thick to fit in between my teeth but tasted good.
Thieves lozenges. I've tried both the soft and hard. My opinion- the soft ones are a bit dry and like Tums- better as an Altoid-type replacement. The hard ones are great in lieu of a mint or gum and are fantastic if you have a sore throat.
And of course there's the Thieves oil. The kids get it every day, I put a couple of drops under my tongue daily and have used it directly on cancer sores or infected cuts.
I think if there were Thieves coffee I'd drink it!

*These statements are not supported by the FDA and are not intended to treat or diagnose any disease. However, I commend those of you who have taken your health and well-being into your own hands!

February 16, 2010


Those of you who know me have probably heard me say, "there's nothing like a good fight with your husband or a nasty stomach bug to drop a couple of pounds." While true, neither of these items are especially comfortable. At least with a stomach bug you know that at some point it will just go away. When having a fight- you have to go through the motions of actually having the fight, calming down, and then making up. The making up part is always fun, but the stress leading up to it is just that- stress.
I don't like stress. It puts me in a bad mood, makes my jaw clench, my shoulders tense up, muscles hurt and on occasion I have trouble getting to sleep. When these things happen, I'm cranky. And I don't like to be cranky.
The tricky part is that with the winter weather, no gym membership with babysitting services, and few opportunities to do more than take a few deep breaths, I often feel like I'm stuck. I'll suddenly find my jaw clenched or my left shoulder up around my ear! I can't even imagine what it's doing to my insides- especially over long periods of time.
So, while I can't avoid all stressful activities for the rest of my life, I have learned to do a couple of things.
1- I stop doing or temporarily stop thinking about whatever it is that's stressing me out.
2- Prioritize what can and can't be done now and therefore what will have to wait.
3- Take several deep breaths. (I'd try a yoga pose or two but my 2 year old would see that as an opportunity to start climbing on me and turning my relaxation into a joy ride)
4- Whip out my Stress Away or Peace & Calming.

Stress Away usually wins for the quick fix because it's always in my bag and often, mysteriously, I will find my jaw tightly clenched while driving with all 3 kids. I quickly apply it to my neck so I can smell it any time I turn my head.

Once, after a fight with my husband, I was folding laundry with my jaw so tightly clenched it was giving me a headache. I put a little Peace & Calming on my arms near my pulse points. With each article of clothing I folded I smelled the P&C and within about 20 minutes my jaw was unclenched. The fight wasn't over, but I felt better. More in control and less stressed. It's not rocket science, but it did feel like magic- the power of nature's awesome essential oils.

*This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions nor is it supported by the FDA. It's only my story and experience put into words to be shared.

February 13, 2010

Frankincense on the BBC

I love Frankincense! I originally bought it to help with my son's asthma but after just a few days found that Oregano really worked best for him to build respiratory function. I held on to the bottle and wasn't really sure about what to do with it next. As I was working through my Eczema journey with my youngest son, I had read that Frankincense is an immuno-stimulant, anti-depressant, anti-tumoral, supportive of respiratory function and great for the skin. I tried it for Eczema and saw great results. Now, 6 months later, there are no patchy Eczema spots at all on my youngest son's skin. He still gets dry, but I suppose that's to be expected. Once again my bottle of Frankincense was about to go back on the shelf for a little while.
Not so fast! This past Tuesday there was an online article on asking if Frankincense could be a cure for cancer. What a miracle that would be if science could take hold of a natural product and use it for such good. The 2nd half of the article says this:

Cancer hope

But immunologist Mahmoud Suhail is hoping to open a new chapter in the history of frankincense.

Scientists have observed that there is some agent within frankincense which stops cancer spreading, and which induces cancerous cells to close themselves down. He is trying to find out what this is.

"Cancer starts when the DNA code within the cell's nucleus becomes corrupted," he says. "It seems frankincense has a re-set function. It can tell the cell what the right DNA code should be.

"Frankincense separates the 'brain' of the cancerous cell - the nucleus - from the 'body' - the cytoplasm, and closes down the nucleus to stop it reproducing corrupted DNA codes."

Working with frankincense could revolutionise the treatment of cancer. Currently, with chemotherapy, doctors blast the area around a tumour to kill the cancer, but that also kills healthy cells, and weakens the patient. Treatment with frankincense could eradicate the cancerous cells alone and let the others live.

The task now is to isolate the agent within frankincense which, apparently, works this wonder. Some ingredients of frankincense are allergenic, so you cannot give a patient the whole thing.

Dr Suhail (who is originally from Iraq) has teamed up with medical scientists from the University of Oklahoma for the task.

In his laboratory in Salalah, he extracts the essential oil from locally produced frankincense. Then, he separates the oil into its constituent agents, such as Boswellic acid.

"There are 17 active agents in frankincense essential oil," says Dr Suhail. "We are using a process of elimination. We have cancer sufferers - for example, a horse in South Africa - and we are giving them tiny doses of each agent until we find the one which works."

"Some scientists think Boswellic acid is the key ingredient. But I think this is wrong. Many other essential oils - like oil from sandalwood - contain Boswellic acid, but they don't have this effect on cancer cells. So we are starting afresh."

The trials will take months to conduct and whatever results come out of them will take longer still to be verified. But this is a blink of the eye in the history of frankincense.

Nine thousand years ago, Omanis gathered it and burnt it for its curative and cleansing properties. It could be a key to the medical science of tomorrow.

Part of me fears the potential possibility of mass-production of a synthetic clone, but perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself.
What I will say is this- thankfully, cancer does not run in my family. It does however have an historical presence in my husband's which concerns me for my children. We are still years away from having definitive answers, but all things considered it would be worth adding a little Frankincense to our daily oil usage. Especially for my little ones.

February 3, 2010

My Toddler and his Fever

I love trying new things- especially when it comes to oils. The catch- that usually means that there's a reason other than "just for fun." Earlier this week, the reason was a fever. It was a low fever- about 101. Something my youngest child has not had in well over a year. He hadn't been feeling well the night before and his nose was stuffy. I shouldn't have been surprised that he was feeling warm and a little lethargic.
For a fever, there are two oils suggested- Peppermint or Balsam fir. For kids, I like to use Balsam Fir as it is not a hot oil and doesn't require dilution before putting it on the skin. So, I grabbed my bottle and put about 3 drops in the palm of my hand and then rubbed it on the back of his neck and behind his ears. We sat on the couch and watched Word World. About 20 minutes later, my little guy was up and running around playing like normal. That was the first time I'd used Balsam Fir for a fever- what a great result.
I did follow up with Raven on his feet and RC on his chest to block any more congestion and am happy to report we had a full day of toddler energy and activity and a restful night the following night. He still has his cold, but there is no fever and as he was being chased by his older siblings around the house clearly he has all of his energy!

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*These statements are not approved nor supported by the FDA. They represent my own experiences and are not meant to treat or diagnose a serious medical problem.

January 23, 2010

The Bug in Our House

It arrived unexpectedly as most "bugs" usually do. I heard the tell tale cough that turned into puking at about 10:30 and new I was in for a long night. All things considered, the night wasn't all that bad. I was fortunate. It was a long weekend. We had nowhere to go and no school. As it passed from one child to the next I just stayed in comfy clothes, kept my rags in the ready and had my washing machine working overtime.
I mopped my floor with hot water, Thieves Cleaner and a few drops of Purification. The combination smelled great and as I was going for both anti- bacterial and anti-viral this seemed like a good combination. As my kids got better, I had one looming fear. What if I was next? Typically not a big deal, but this time my husband was out of town on business. If I was down and out over the bowl, we were all in trouble.
What I love about using essential oils for myself is that I'm in control. I started giving myself a few drops of Thieves every couple of hours. I added Frankincense to a Balance and Complete shake. I diffused (and I will always be thankful to Erika for this) Thieves, Purification and Oregano all over the first floor of my house and in my bedroom which had become "sick bay" over the previous days. I never got the "bug" and was ever so thankful.
Then the sore throat started. I felt the swelling in my throat and the pressure in my head. My neck was stiff and I feared the worst. This was still better than puking, but my husband was still away and me being sick wasn't going to help anyone. I bumped up my Thieves intake and kept it next to my bed for middle of the night pain. (Thieves is great for numbing a sore throat) I started rubbing my Raven, Balsam Fir, Copaiba combination all over my neck and throat. While I don't quite think I'm in the clear yet- I'm well on my way. I'm tired but that probably has more to do with sharing my toddler's bed than my cold. One more day of "drinking" Thieves and a good night's sleep should do it. As we know- if Mom gets sick we're all in trouble!

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*These statements are not approved by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose or cure any disease. They only represent my experiences.

January 9, 2010

Fun With Oils....

My journey in using Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils began with, and has been primarily focused on, health benefits. Generally speaking, I'd say my experimenting has been fairly successful. My kids are healthy, colds don't last long, and it's been well over a year since 2 of my 3 kids have had a fever. Eczema and Asthma are well controlled without the use of daily steroids either topical or systemic. In short the two things to remember are that consistency is key (I use Thieves EVERY DAY) as well as catching any symptoms EARLY (like at the first sign of a cough or sneeze).
So- I decided to have some fun. I found a recipe for making my own Sea Salt Body Scrub. I love Sea Salt Body Scrubs, but hate paying $20 for a jar in Whole Foods. In the winter, the oils and salt help exfoliate my really dry skin and add a ton of extra moisturizing at the same time. I'm less itchy and get a little morning aromatherapy. In my first batch I used the YL blend Christmas Spirit which has orange, cinnamon and spruce and smells awesome! This little ritual has greatly enhanced the 10 minutes of peace I get each morning in the shower.
How to make your own: Combine a 1/2 cup of coarse sea salt, a little more than 1/4 cup of Avocado or Sweet Almond oil and 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil in a bowl and mix. This amount fits well in one of those little 4oz. Gladware plastic containers.
A couple of things to keep in mind: A blend such as Christmas Spirit works well here because it is diluted with avocado oil. If it weren't it would be hot on the skin because of the cinnamon. Body scrub can be slippery in the tub because of the oil so be careful. Also- do not use over any open cuts or sores as it may sting.
Have some fun mixing and feel free to share your findings!