June 12, 2009

The Pig Hits Home

I knew it would happen- the Swine Flu finally reached our town. It also reached my sister-in-law's town. She's 90 minutes away from us.

My opinion on the Swine Flu remains the same- it's a flu like any other and some people are more at risk than others. In the case of my sister in law- it hit hard and fast. In her kids high school 250+ kids were out sick. Hers included. As the flu progressed, she said quite simply her eyeballs hurt and she couldn't stand from the pain in her legs. Next, it developed into pneumonia and she ended up in the hospital. Thankfully, she and her kids are recovering. As an asthma sufferer, she was at high risk to begin with but had done nothing to build her immune system for an early defense. In case you're wondering, I suggested to the entire family to start using Thieves on a regular basis, but they chose otherwise. You can lead a horse to water.....

Two nights ago, we received a recorded message from the school superintendent stating that there was a case of Swine Flu in the school system but that the child was recovered and back in school. I am going to assume that there was time for the disease to spread before diagnosis. If I'm wrong that's the best news I could have. This high school student has younger siblings. One of them is in the same preschool and my friend's son. You do the math.

After hearing what my sister in law and her family experienced, I have been adamant with my children, my husband, my friends and myself to continue to build our immune systems. I've sent emails to friends encouraging them to use Thieves every day- especially if their kids are in day care.

Here is what we are doing*:
Thieves under my toungue every night.
Thieves in my youngest's milk every day- twice a day.
Eucalyptus Blue or Oregano and Thieves on my kids feet twice a day.
Thieves waterless hand sanitizer often- especially in school.
Raven and Purification in the baby's bath water. It's a beautiful smelling combination and the germ fighting power of Raven with the cleansing power of Purification makes me feel better.
Plenty of rest.
Lots of hand washing.

Be well! www.youngliving.org/tracybermeo

*Disclaimer- none of this is backed by the CDC or the FDA but we survived last flu season with no incidents and there were plenty of sick kids through out my kids schools.