May 13, 2009

Since we can't use cough medicine anymore.....

As a kid I took lots of phenegran with codeine. I loved what we called "the purple medicine." Now, taking cough medicine is shunned and I suppose for good reason. First- coughing is good for us as it prevents pneumonia. I always tell my kids they have to cough up all the yucky stuff. Second- some parents just didn't know when to say "when" and gave their kids too much over the counter cough medicine and therefore ruined it for the rest of us. The result is that now the only remedies for a cough are the natural ones. At least there's something!

As it's allergy season and my kids are all drippy and itchy and sneezy it's inevitable that that drippy stuff (mucous) will cause a post nasal drip and lots of coughing. As a mom, I'm sure I'm supposed to be numb to coughing but let me tell you I've had just about enough.

Last night, I gave my daughter a combination of Lavender and Balsam Fir on her chest before bed. The Balsam Fir decreases mucous production and acts as an expectorant and the Lavender helped calm her chest. What I like about this combination is that it's not a "hot"oil like Raven, which I happen to love for decongesting, but requires dilution for kids as it contains peppermint.

Thankfully this little combination both smells good and provided everyone with a good nights rest. After all, sleep is required for the body to heal and get well. It also makes Mommy a happier person in the morning.

May 12, 2009

Old Wounds

Twenty years ago my husband was boxing in the army. He made the mistake of sparring without wraps under his boxing gloves. The result was a very calloused scar where the skin on the knuckle was split for years. On occasion the skin would open and bleed- especially in the winter.
Just this past week I suggested he put some drops of Lavender on it to help it heal.
Within days the callous was gone as was the crack in the middle of the skin. The discoloration remains but it is mostly healed and looks better than it has in twenty years.

I always knew Lavender was great for the skin and have used it on all recent cuts and scrapes obtained by my kids, but to see it work on my husband was just great! Next I'm going to have to try it on the scars from the stitches my son has been collecting over the past 5 years.

May 2, 2009

Old Reliable!

It is often said that the best defense is a strong offense. In the case of this new flu, my feeling is that there is nothing more true. As I understand it, this flu is no different from other flues floating around out there. It makes you sick, preys on the young and elderly, and is contracted by touch. The challenge with this flu is that since it's a mutation, none of us has any antibodies for it in our systems which makes us that much more vulnerable. My prediction: the flu shot given in the fall will be made to protect against the H1N1/Swine flu. With all the media attention- $20 says I'm right.
Either way- considering the germ fest that exists in schools, daycares, and child activity centers, I will be doing all I can to build up and keep my kids immune systems strong. With the warmer months approaching and a focus on spring allergies I had slacked off on the daily use of Thieves in our health regimen*. I will now reincorporate it and I think I'll even send a bottle to my mom.
Unfortunately, it's the one oil I DIDN'T bring with me while we are on vacation this week. Good thing we're not in Mexico.

How to use Thieves:

On your kids: Apply 2-3 drops on the bottoms of their feet in the morning and at bedtime. Use the hand soap at home or waterless hand sanitizer while in school. The kids love it!
For us parents: Apply in the same manner as the kids or place a few drops under the tongue 2-3 times a day. It's a little spicy in the mouth but I love it!

Order Thieves here.

*disclaimer: None of this information is approved or supported by the FDA. It's based on the fact that my kids already survived one flu season without getting sick and I intend to keep it that way.